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20.00 - 25.00

This listing is for one original block print.
Created from a drawing, which is transferred onto a block and hand carved. The block is then inked and each print is hand pressed individually.

Due to the nature of hand printed work, some small variations may occur from print to print, making each piece slightly different and unique.
Variations and imperfections are part of the charm of block prints.

• Size: approximately A5

• Paper: 100% cotton handmade Amatruda paper, ph neutral, 200 gsm

• Ink: Schmincke aqua LINOPRINT Water-based

INK COLOUR: The ink was mixed by hand, for some of the prints I used blue grey ink while others were printed using purple ink. You can see the difference in the pictures with the caption “blue grey ink” and “purple ink”. You can select “blue grey” or “purple” from the "INK COLOUR" drop down menu.

A GRADE / B GRADE: Grade is determined by evenness of ink and clearness of design.
B grade prints didn't print quite as cleanly as the others, so they are sold at a discounted price.
You can select “A grade” or “B grade” from the "GRADE" drop down menu.

Every print is signed by me in pencil.


Each print will vary due to the hand-printing process making each one unique in its own way and may differ slightly from product pictures.

Please note, any art equipment/object other than the print shown in the photos is for decorative purposes only and is not included.

Colors on screens may vary.

✱ Please read Shipping Info+FAQ before purchasing ✱

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